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Welcome to Gladden's International Schools


Gladden’s International Schools is a private Institution owned by B.Ed (Hons) and N.C.E holders. The school was established in August, 2017 with a summer lesson and latter stepped into full operation on 8th September, 2017.

Gladden’s International Schools is known in creating enabling and learning environment, an arena that encourages standard of teaching according to the scheme for children of one (1) to eleven (11) years old. The school also set up Creche for babies from 4 to 11 months.

The Scheme as prepared, covers the following subjects: English Language, Phonics, Mathematics, Computer Science, Social Studies, Agricultural Science, Civic Education, Basic Science, Creative Arts, Home Economics, French, Music, etc. Teachers employed are all qualified to handle these subjects. During examinations, a team of invigilators are always sent to supervise classes, most especially, in lower and upper primaries; this is to exhibit the ability the classroom teacher has prepared in them (pupils) to write examinations with or without the present of the classroom teachers.

During markings, conference marking system is always adopted. This is the only system to guide against classroom teachers awarding pupils grades that they do not deserved to have. Once your child have a good or poor grade, it is acceptable that, your child is given the grades he or she deserved from what he or she wrote. No favourism in this conference marking. This is to build a foundation for your child.

Gladden’s International Schools teaches her pupils using Montessori method; the method used in oversea's high graded schools. The Montessori type of teaching method enhancing and stimulates effective learning.

In the area of class population, the highest number of pupils this school can accept in one class is not more than 18. In the class that is more than 15 in numbers, we employed 3 staff to that class (that is, 1 teacher and 2 custodians). This is to enable us manage those pupils and take good care of them, during the lesson and during general routine.

Is nice to welcome you to Gladden’s International Schools - Calabar, an arena of excellence for future, to enjoy all that are captioned here and hope to see you registered your ward soon.

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Gladden’s International Schools promotes high achievement, personal development and learning for life and work, by working with children to:

+ Develop thinking and enquiring minds with a spirit of curiosity.
+ Become highly motivated and life long learners.
+ Be flexible, adaptable and open to the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of modern life and the world of work.
+ Have high self-esteem – respecting themselves, others and the environment.
+ Be able to work independently and collaboratively.
+ Recognize their capabilities and maximize their individual potential in all areas of the curriculum.
+ Seek to extend themselves, culturally, intellectually, morally, physically and spiritually.


Our Belief

 We believe that children will succeed through experiencing quality in:

+ A broad, balanced and challenging curriculum, sensitive to the needs of the individual
+ A secure, respectful, caring and stimulating learning environment
+ An enriching programme of extra-curricular activities and visits
+ A rich, varied and up to date range of learning resources
+ Innovative teaching and a recovery approach to learning
+ Learning partnerships between school, home and the wider community.



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